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The BitClout Product-a-thon 1.0 Finalists



The BitClout Product-a-thon 1.0 quickly approaches and the finalist teams have been selected.

Here is a look at the products proposed to build during the hackathon.


Digitrade will allow you to track the performance of traders you want to fund and a social hedge fund. Digitrade is being built by @petrp who currently operates Pivot Analytics.


Neobank for women, starting with Pakistan where 5% of the world’s women unbanked population resides. Being lead by @HalimaI .

CloutCast will be the promoted post system for anyone on any bitclout app. No matter if a user is on, cloutted, or any number of other social engagement sites, they will be able to leverage CloutCast to create promotions to scale their account, promote new offerings, or create viral charitable contribution promotions.

The CloutCast team is @JasonDevlin , @smartalec , @awesome_dev .


A trade intelligence platform or TIP that helps conduct diligence, analysis, and manage investment portfolios.

PropserClout is being built by @salilsethi who worked in payments-tech at McKinsey in New York and San Francisco.


Being created by @InsiderClout team this is a Chrome extension that will allow users to leave and read feedback about other BitClout users.


The BitCloutWiki is a collaborative documentation of BitClout. It envisions to build a large information database about BitClout through a bounties program. The BitCloutWiki is a project from @gemt33 .


The Power Rangers wish they had the CloutMegazord. CloutMegazord is a tool that allows the creation of a distributed account by splitting a high-entropy seed phrase between several account owners. This allows for a trustless BitClout based foundation, organization, startup, incubator, or other group. The project is lead by @transhumanist .


This project from designer @Sarag seeks to make content accessible to the disabled community. InclusiveDesign will produce a resource guide, provide tips, reward creators who take accessibility seriously, and offer guidance and input to BitClout projects on accessibility.


eToro like Copy Trader for BitClout. Copyclout let’s you automatically copy trades made by high performing Bitclout traders. As they buy, sell or HODL creator coins, Copyclout monitors their wallet and mirrors those trades onto yours.


Flame is a project from @kanshi that offers a computational graph to review and automatically interpret tracks that people leave on the blockchain. The product will be tested on ‘rug pulling games’ to make them more transparent.


CloutWallet by @nyko and @iaan is a mobile and desktop app to manage your creator tokens. Track your gain and loss over time and manage your BitClout wallet all from within our app.


ClimateClout is a new type of exchange that lets you invest and speculate in the decarbonization of the world economy with BitClout.


The mega team of @ScottRosenberg6 @ThorTorrens @JefferyDavid @Iaan and @MarkTrowbridge are building BitCloutMarketPlace. They are working with 3 nodes to date to create a marketplace similar to Facebook Marketplace with the goal of being able to buy, sell, or trade anything with BitClout.


The JamClout team is building a BitClout members only clubhouse. Creators can spin up an audio room in a single click and invite coin holders who hold a certain level of coins. This is a product that has been discussed as a major community need by many creators. Being built by @avinashdubey .

This project is seeking to apply AI to unearthing noteworthy investment ideas on and off BitClout.

SuperWallet & WalletTracker

BitClout SuperWallet and BitClout WalletTracker both are Chrome extensions that working on top of BitClout. BitClout SuperWallet is changing BitClout to bring better experience and new features. It’s free and open source. BitClout WalletTracker gives opportunity to track user transactions. The extensions is proprietary and with paid access. Both projects are by @zakharday .


CloutChain is a service that will allow creators to reward their supporters with digital rewards. The service is being lead by @mentat and @theodoreroosevelt .


This project seeks to get all the documents from all the teams and create documents so there is a decentralized but consensus-driven knowledge base that can be utilized by everyone in the community for the public good. The project is being championed by a team of @GeneGMB @BitCloutLabs @KirillGMB and @Dashafromtheblock .

I'm @LvlUpGuy on BitClout.

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