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BitClout Exchange Listing API Goes Live



tldr: Exchanges can begin integrating the necessary systems to get BitClout listed. Working on Coinbase Rosetta integration.

If you thought things were already moving at the fastest pace ever…

Development in the BitClout side of the metaverse continues at a breakneck pace.

Early this afternoon @diamondhands announced that the BitClout Exchange Listing API was now live and ready for use.

Sample Exchange API Call

With this new API, it is now possible for exchanges to begin conducting transactions on behalf of users. Developers inside exchanges now can run a node, an identity service, and pair them with the exchange API to allow users to trade BitClout like any other cryptocurrency.

The BitClout developers are also working to integrate the Exchange API with Coinbase’s Rosetta. Rosetta is an open standard designed to simplify blockchain deployment and interaction. By integrating this standard the BitClout developers will be able to onboard even more exchanges by having even more accessible end-points.

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