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BitClout Deflationary Bomb Set for June 12, 2021. Total BitClout Capped at 11.5 Million Coins

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In a post on BitClout developer @diamondhands confirmed that the upcoming deflationary bomb now has a date and block.

On June 12th at block #33,873 the supply of $CLOUT will forever be fixed at 11.5 million or about half that of Bitcoin.

Link to diamond hands post.

An approximate 275 thousand $CLOUT remains up for mining over the next thirty years.

The move is deemed necessary as the listing of $CLOUT on an exchange would result in an artificial sell wall with new $CLOUT being minted by the protocol and a disparity with the independent exchange values.

CloutPress has received several reports from sources close to both and BitClout that the exchange will soon feature $CLOUT as a trading pair. While neither side has officially made a statement, this rumbling seems even more plausible given the recent verification of the account on BitClout.

Link to Profile on BitClout

The deflationary bomb having a date does increase the likelihood that an exchange listing $CLOUT could be near.

I'm @LvlUpGuy on BitClout.

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