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BitClout Core is Released as Open Source



Chief complaint of BitClout critics is put to rest.

One of the most vocal complaints about BitClout amongst many in the community has been that the source code that powers the consensus based model was not open source.

As we reported at the release of the BitClout Run @diamondhands told CloutPress that the source code would be made public after a security audit.

Currently, all of the code is being audited to make sure that it’s free of security vulnerabilities for when we make it fully public.

If we were to make the source code fully public before the auditors found all the low-hanging fruit, it could expose all the BitClout users to potential exploits from people all over the world. Most projects in our shoes would not release anything until all the audits were done.

But we felt comfortable enough with the security of the system to release binaries early, and we added the obfuscation just as an extra security measure to minimize the likelihood that someone is able to find some kind of vulnerability before the audits are complete.

And once they’re complete, all the code will be fully public.

[email protected] in special statement to CloutPress

It’s barely been three weeks and @diamondhands has made good on that promise by delivering the complete source code for BitClout.

The source code is now open for anyone to review and the ability for nodes to write to the blockchain has been turned on. Mining instructions will be shared with BitClout users in the near future.

Link to post by diamondhands on bitclout.

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